Why choose The St. Regis Hotel over a vacation rental?

Plus, book direct and save 10% every time!

St. Regis Hotel Exterior One of the noted travel trends at the start of Covid-19 was travellers choosing vacation rentals over traditional hotels for added space and privacy amid concerns about social distancing and virus transmission.

As the pandemic continued, this pattern began to reverse, and hotels have bounced back once again. So, for those travellers still thinking about vacation rentals, we’d like to offer our top reasons to choose The St. Regis Hotel for your next visit.


Award-winning cleanliness and daily housekeeping

Covid brought us all a higher level of understanding about cleanliness across every part of our daily and travelling lives. The St. Regis Hotel has long been known for its next level housekeeping which has won numerous honours and awards. Our expert housekeeping team will also make sure your room is clean and sanitized every day.


24 Hour Front Desk Staff and security

With staff on duty 24 hours a day, questions or issues which may arise can be dealt with easily and immediately. Try that with a vacation rental owner or agent. Likewise, on duty staff combined with key card only elevator and stair access offers great security and peace of mind for guests.


Free full breakfast served daily

Instead of waking up in a strange city, with no food in the cupboards, the St. Regis Hotel offers you a free full breakfast in our newly renovated St. Regis Room. Cooked fresh and hot and delivered to your table, it’s the best way to start a day of business or exploration in Vancouver.


24 Hour business centre with free faxes, printing, and long-distance

When travelling, there are always times that you’ll miss all the conveniences of your home office or workplace. The St. Regis Hotel makes productivity and planning easy with 24-hour business centre services including two computer terminals and a printer, along with free worldwide long-distance calls to stay connected. Our front desk can even send faxes for you!


Free in-room FIJI bottled water

Vancouver has some of the cleanest and best-tasting tap water to be found anywhere, but bottled water offers extra convenience when you’re trying to stay hydrated while exploring the city. The St. Regis Hotel is pleased to provide free FIJI Water in room so that guests can grab a bottle and keep it nearby wherever they go. Our housekeeping team also replenishes the water daily.


A cancellation policy you can trust.


Over the 18 months, travel plans have become more precarious with changed dates and forced cancellations becoming more common. Booking a vacation rental means different cancellation policies every time and deposits lost when circumstances force a change of plans. That never happens when you book your stay with the St. Regis Hotel. You’ll have the extra peace of mind with no questions cancellations available up to 24 hours before check-in and penalty-free cancellations offered with a doctor’s note or proof of disruption from airlines. Plus every stay booked directly by phone or email automatically receives a 10% discount!