St. Regis Hotel reopens after nearly $2 million in renovations and upgrades

During this summer's Covid-19 shutdown, the St. Regis Hotel took the opportunituy to make some planned renovations and upgrades to the hotel. Along with the planned upgrade to the air condiition systems, a complete redesign and renovation of the St. Regis Room was completed. It's sure to make the hotel's included breakfast service an even more enjoyable way to start the day.   

In addition, the decision was made to give the St. Regis Bar & Grill a complete renovation as well with new seating and decor, bigger TVs, and updated washrooms. Locals and visitors will enjoy the same warm service and inviting atmosphere with upgrades throughout the room.

In all, the hotel spend nearly $2 million on renovations and improvements and is thrilled to welcome guests back to downtown Vancouver.