St. Regis Hotel rated as "Inspected Clean" by AAA

Hotel again passes AAA Inspectors unannounced swab and surface tests

During the pandemic, AAA created a new testing protocol which would see their inspectors conduct a series of surface swab tests during their unannounced hotel visits. The swabs would be analyzed and hotels which passed this test would be rated as “Inspected Clean” by the AAA.


The St. Regis Hotel is proud to announce that is has again passed this test and is “Inspected Clean” for the third straight year. Our housekeeping team takes enormous pride in ensuring that guests enjoy rooms which are at the peak of cleanliness and every room is given a multi-point inspection before being released to the front desk for check-in.


Thank-you to our housekeeping team who continue to maintain the highest standards for all our guests!


Learn more about the “Inspected Clean” system HERE.