Help us build our history wall

We're celebrating out 110th anniversary with a new installation

The St. Regis Hotel marked its 110th anniversary this year and, to celebrate, we’re collecting materials to build a history wall in our business centre.


We’ve already secured some key pieces including maps, postcards, matchbooks, and more, and we’re asking for your help to build this collection. We know over the years, that plenty of odds and ends have left the hotel as keepsakes to remember a visit and we’re politely asking for them back so that we can build a collection to celebrate our history.


Now, we don’t expect them back for free, so we’ll enter everyone who sends us a historical St. Regis artifact for a special staycation in a St. Regis Hotel Executive Suite with a $150 gift card to enjoy at Gotham Steakhouse & Bar and a $50 gift card to enjoy at Beaucoup Bakery & Café.


So, if you have some vintage St. Regis Hotel goodies in your collection, let us know and we’ll arrange to get them back and enter you into the contest for a very special night with us!