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Who’d like a little fresh air?

Who’d like a little fresh air?

Posted June 23, 2011

Even though we completed a total $11 million hotel renovation just 2 1/2 years ago, we’re always looking for ways to keep improving our hotel rooms and services. Some of the changes we make are almost invisible to guests: details that smooth out procedures and make operations just a little smoother and more seamless for guests. Others are much more intensive and noticeable, like installing opening windows, for example. They’re a basic thing but everyone who’s wanted a little fresh air but has been trapped in a hotel suite with sealed windows knows what a difference one opening window can make!

The job of replacing one window pane in each room with one that opened was a major undertaking both in terms of the money we’d need to invest and also in the logistics of shutting each room down to have the work done. Having lived for a period with the new climate control system installed during our renovations, we were unanimous in the belief that our guests would enjoy their stay even more if we gave them the ability to open a window and get a little fresh air. So, the decision ended up being easy for us.

The complete replacement process took longer than we expected: along with the bad luck of having our contractor fall ill for a time, our exceptionally busy spring meant that it was difficult for us to close off a large enough block of rooms to justify the contractor’s time—this isn’t a job which can be done one room at a time! We were, however, quickly able to get one complete floor done and we put guests who requested windows into these rooms. Then we added blocks of rooms as we could and over a few months, we were able to upgrade around 90 percent of the rooms. Still, a last few rooms remained.

So we’re very pleased to announce that the work has now been completed. Every room and suite at the St. Regis Hotel Vancouver now has an opening window and whether you’re the type of person who prefers to sleep with a window open or just like a little fresh air to wake up, it’s just a turn of the handle away.

We always welcome guest suggestions and comments, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we could change to make your stay at the St. Regis Vancouver even better.