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All about door signs--from “Do Not Disturb” to “Happy Hanging In”

All about door signs--from “Do Not Disturb” to “Happy Hanging In”

November 6, 2012

While it’s a first principle of good business to request client feedback, many guests and customers must sometimes wonder how much effect their input really has on operations. We’d like to assure our guests that we do listen to it all and it can have an immediate impact!

On the long list of things which go into the smooth running of a hotel, “Do Not Disturb” signs must seem pretty low down the list, but they really do help housekeeping staff to avoid unnecessarily disrupting extra sleep or work time. For some time we’ve been using off-the-shelf retro-style Do Not Disturb signs which feature a Maid on one side and Bellman on the other. We knew they weren’t perfect and had designing something new and custom on our to-do list to update, they worked well enough that we never got around to changing them . . . until now.

Our front desk staff are trained to not only ask how each guest’s stay was, but to document and pass along the comments to management. Recently, Ryan at our front desk took and passed along a guest comment that the female “Maid” character on the door sign outdated and even sexist and this comment was just the push we needed to start the new door sign project immediately.

Our new “Out and About” and “ “Happy Hanging In” door signs are more clean, modern and consistent with our décor and other signage throughout the hotel and it’s all because one of our guests took the time to pass along their feedback to us!